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Does More Money Guarantee Your Happiness?


Money means as exchange tool only for some people, but could be more for some others. The first group sees money as tool, something that supporting their live in subsidiaries role. Whereas the second argues that money is very important and has primary role in daily life.

Those different arguments was discussed in a class debate held in classroom 408 three weeks ago. The class was divided into two groups, pro and cons. The debate under topic of “more money leads to more happiness” was flow attractively.

The pro-folk started the discussion by analysing the term of “happiness”. According to them, happiness was determined by two main aspects, spiritually and physically. “Firstly”, said the pro-folk representative, “money would help people reach physical happiness, whether by helping fulfil the basic human needs, such as house and food, as well as secondary needs, like books for education, gadgets for communication or using information technology, etc.

“Second”, the other pro-representative continued, “spiritual happiness could be supported by more money. For instance, hajj, a once-in-a-lifetime-ritual for Moslem by visiting the Makah and Medina, needs lots of money”. The group added that it is not a guarantee that person had the hajj would be happier, but hajj usually gives fulfilled feeling that guide into happiness.

“So it is not about the money itself, but more likely about how the money enable us to do many good things that may lead us to the happiness”, closed the pro-group. Moreover, a pin point that could be underlined was about the using of money. More money would lead to more happiness if it is used properly and sufficiently, without stingy or greedy, in any good ways.

On the other hand, the contra-people had three main statements. At the beginning, they said that money guided to many bad things. Most crimes, such as robbery, burglary, theft, corruption, occured because of money’s temptation. “Lots of money attracts people to do the crime. Many robberies and corruptions happened nowadays is triggered by money”, stated first representative from the contra-group.

Next, more money would lead to more worry and risk. The contra-group gave an example from rich people life. “We had seen rich persons who usually feel worry about their belonging, so that they can not live peacefully”, said the other representative. Furthermore, the most important thing emphasised by the contra-people was that money does not mean everything. There were many other things more precious than money, like friendship, education, or knowledge. “We are able to live happily without lots of money”, closed the contra-group.

There were many different opinions in the debate. The contra-group said that pro-people was not inline with the term being discussed, especially for the statement about the using of money. On the other hand, the pro-group disagreed with the contra-folk for their argument about more worry and risk caused by more money.

To be concluded, the debate concluded that money had relative value and significance for different people. Some people may see money as an evil. But there is a group of people that still agree with the statement of “more money leads to more happiness” and see money in many kinds of good way, not only from its value but also from its usage.

So, what about you?

(LBI UI Jakarta; January 11, 2011; Class C for Michael’s assignment)

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